About Deborah

Deborah offers a unique and personal approach to each person she works with based on their needs at the time they seek counseling.

Deborah’s New Book

Become the Active Director of Your Life.
A self improvement handbook.

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Counseling Services

In today’s times most of us are faced with multiple demands being placed upon us. Often it’s hard to attend to all that needs to be done.  If we have a partner and/or children the demands keep mounting higher and higher. Unfortunately we tend to put our needs, issues and feelings last. This approach to life will eventually drain us.

Deborah’s goal is to help empower you; to help you re-energize yourself. She views therapy as an opportunity to set yourself free from whatever may be holding you back. Deborah views her clients as a work in progress, not as a patient who needs someone to “fix” them. It’s time for you to release yourself from the bondage that limits you and feel a renewed sense of energy and direction in life.

  • Women’s Issues

    As women, we are frequently taught to put others’ needs ahead of our own.  It is important to learn to understand and communicate your needs and wants clearly and assertively. Learning to release yourself from unhealthy guilt is also imperative. We will help you develop stronger self-care habits and teach you how to balance your self-care with your caring for others. We also provide support for post-partum depression, empty nest syndrome and menopausal adjustment.

  • Self-Esteem Issues

    Everyone can benefit from a “self-esteem tune-up.”  How do you talk to yourself – what words do you use. Are you unusually hard on yourself? Are you aware of your self-talk? Is your self-talk hurting or helping you? Messages you learned growing up also affect how you view yourself today.  Are you making choices for yourself that help build your self-esteem or tear it down?

  • Codependency

    There is a fine line between caring and caring too much. When does loving someone hurt you? Are you able to say no when needed? Do you know what you think, feel, need and want? Can you express your needs freely to others? Are you able to set clear boundaries for yourself? Is NO a permissible word for you or are you a YES person? We help you figure out the answers to these questions.